Monday, August 9, 2010

Spring Problem on Saga BLM?

To all fellow friends...

Anyone have rear spring problem?Last time,when i drive alone back home,i noticed that my rear spring is too soft.When cornering,the mudguard touch my rear tyres and feel so bumpy inside my car.During lunch hour after visiting my client,i decided to stop by to a shop at paka to ask about the spring or adjustable absorber(even i does not have that much budget to get the adjustable absorber.huhu).The guy at the workshop suggested to me that Proton Perdana spring is suitable with SAGA BLM because it have small diameter at the bottom and bigger at the top.To get the spring,i have to wait for my monthly salary.So i decided to hold on to the next month.When i arrived home,i went to my cousin's house.He own a Perdana and just a few week after changing his stock spring to adjustable absorbers.When i ask about his stock spring,he just give to me the stock spring for FREE!!!Thanks bro!!Jasamu Dikenang!!haha..

Now,after a few month of installing the Perdana spring to the rear or my car,it feels so comfortable..No more Sagat with mudguard,no more bumpy feel when cornering!!The conclusion is,our stock spring is not hard enough even when i bring my little brothers in my car,it still sagat.Proton should change spring of the BLM to harder one because BLM is most likely bought as a family car and if a family car cannot carry the load of the family,what the use of making a family car.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Once In A While

Seems like a decade i did not update this blog.Nothing much happened to my car lately.Just a few modification have been done like upgrading the ICE in the car with a much better quality,changing my stock rear spring with a second hand spring from other model, and nothing more.I think.I will update the process of modification and changes later.So busy right now at office. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Changing the Size of rims and tyres will Effect your Speedometer Reading

Some people might wondering why the pick up of their cars are not same between when they are using their stock rims and when they are using larger size of rims.There is some theory that when we install sport rims,the larger diameter of the tyres and rims will show the lower speed on the speedometer than the actual speed that we are driving.I do not know the truth about this theory but i just found out a page that shows the effect of changing the rims and tyre to a bigger diameter.

Here is the page:-

Monday, January 5, 2009

Buy Cheap Cars - Top Strategy to Save You Thousands on Your Next Car

Are you in the market for a new car or a used car? There are many ways to buy cheap cars, but there is only one way to get the vehicle you are looking for at the best price possible. The following strategy is a portion of what you need to know to save thousands on your next car.

Step #1 - Find a car auction in your area

Now, this can be a public car auction, an insurance action, a dealer auction, or the best a government seized car auction. The reason you want to find a car auction is because this is where the dealers go. This is like getting your vehicle at wholesale.

Step #2 - Go to a few auctions

You should attend an auction or two to get the feel of how these car auctions work before you ever bid or buy. This will also give you an idea of what type of price range you will be working with to get the vehicle you are after. This is the best way to make sure you are going to be comfortable with bidding once it is that time.

Step #3 - Find a trustworthy mechanic

Unless you are a mechanic yourself you are going to need a trustworthy mechanic to help you. Offer to pay them so much to go to the auction early with you to check out the cars. They do not need to stay after you have gone through the vehicles you are interested in. You need this mechanic because you will not be able to test drive the vehicles. You can start them and inspect them, but that is it.

Step #4 - Go into the auction with a plan

Once you decide it is time to buy cheap cars you need to have plan. Know how much you are willing to spend on each car that you had your mechanic check out and do not go over that much. Also, make sure you budgeted for minor car repairs like tires, alignment, brakes, oil change, and other minor things because you never know what the car might need.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Car Pictures(Before Accident)

This is my White SAGA BLM pictures after modification and before the accident happened.Really sad about this car.Just planning to do some other modification but no got to use the money to repair this car.The rims cannot be used and not under claim,so i need to use my money to buy a new rims.Below is the car pictures before accident:-

Days After The Accident

Seems like i haven't post here for a few days.Just trying to express myself about the car in this blog and i am not a proffessional blogger like other experts but l would like to learn just to show about my car to the white SAGA BLM.But,this time,bad news for my car.I involved in an accident and my car is totally horrible.It is not a big accident like other big crash but for me,it is horrible for my new White SAGA BLM.It is raining that day and i am out of control of my car and,my car slide to the side of the road into the bush.Luckily that i am nor harmed during the accident.Here is some of the photo of my car.A lot of update of my car that i dont have time to uploades here is being crashed.Bad day for my car.huhu..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Improve Gas Mileage by Following These Rules

With gas prices increasing constantly, we are all searching for ways we can improve gas mileage. Fortunately, there are some easy things to do to gain the best fuel economy that is possible and save some money by making trips to the gas pump less often.

One suggestion on how to improve gas mileage is to make sure that your car is well maintained. Invest in regular tun ups, and make sure to change the oil and filters as often as your particular car requires. Also, make sure that you're putting the right type of oil in your car. If your car isn't running optimally, it will burn more gasoline.

Aggressive driving, such as stomping on the gas or brake, should be avoided if you wish to increase mpgs. Also following the speed limit when driving on the highway can help with how efficiently your car uses gas, though it varies from car to car, normally when a vehicle goes over 60 the fuel efficiency decreases. so observing the speed limit will help to improve gas mileage.

Before setting out to run errands for a day, plan the route. Make sure to travel the shortest route you can, not just to all the places but overall too. Studying where you are going and making sure to go in a sensible order will cut down on your total driving and gas usage.

Combining errands is a great way to save gasoline. You can park in a central location and take care of all your errands in that area. You will not only use less gasoline, you will also get some exercise as you walk to the various establishments that you must visit.

Carrying unnecessary weight in our cars will cause our fuel efficiency to go down. Take a quick look through your entire car and make sure you're not still lugging heavy items such as books, furniture, etc. Getting rid of those extra pounds will make your MPG go up, and you'll save money.

With today's high fuel costs, your best fuel economy can be achieved by following a few good tips. Routinely tune up your car and change the oil according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Keep your car in good shape. Aggressive driving, hard acceleration, hard braking and speeding decrease gas efficiency. Avoiding these driving behaviors will increase mpg and improve gas mileage. Plan to complete errands using the shortest route possible and consolidate trips. Park your car and walk when the locations you need to reach are close to one another. Remove heavy items from your car that you don't need to carry around.